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Nails and Pedicure

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation as your nails are expertly shaped, trimmed, and polished, leaving them looking glamorous and well-groomed.

Brow and Lash Extensions

Experience the lashes you've always dreamed of with us that last for weeks! Our skilled lash technicians provide the treatment favored by several Norwegian top bloggers.

Permanent Make up

Experience lasting beauty with permanent makeup, a revolutionary cosmetic solution that enhances facial features with long-lasting results. Wake up with flawlessly defined brows, luscious eyeliner, and perfectly tinted lips every day.

Body Waxing

Unveil silky-smooth skin with the art of body waxing, a meticulous hair removal technique that leaves you feeling irresistibly touchable. From legs to arms and beyond, waxing offers a longer-lasting solution to unwanted hair, ensuring a hair-free canvas for weeks.




Fjerning av Vippe extensions

500 Kr

15 min

Farging av egen Viper

400 Kr

30 min

Nytt Sett Klassike Vippe extensions
(ca. 90 min)

1600 Kr

30 min

Nytt Sett Medium Volume Viper
(ca. 120 min)

1900 Kr


Nytt Sett Mega Volume Viper
(ca. 135 min)

2300 Kr

2t/15 min

Vippe Kurs

Vipper kurs

9000 Kr


Vipper kurs

9000 Kr



Voks Ansikt (Område)

300 Kr

15 min

Voks Armhuler

350 Kr

15 min

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Welcome to my aesthetic world of care and beauty! With 9 years of experience in Norway and 3 years in Brazil, I've dedicated myself to the art of aesthetics. My journey began with unisex hair removal, a skill that I deeply cherish and excel in. I pour my dedication into pedicures, manicures, and eyelash extensions, delivering personalized services tailored to each individual.

Nestled in Grünerløkka, Michelle's warm charisma welcomes everyone with open arms. Expect nothing less than absolute comfort, knowledge, and professionalism throughout your visit. Her repertoire includes the transformative artistry of Micropigmentation Lip Blush, the flawless definition of Powder Brows, and the allure of Lash Extensions and Nails.

But it doesn't end there. Michelle's thoughtful aftercare advice ensures that you not only leave her studio looking fabulous but also equipped with the knowledge to maintain your beauty effortlessly. Discover a world of beauty redefined with Michelle Dantas.

My ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing my clients leave with a radiant smile in their eyes! I'm committed to enhancing your natural beauty and ensuring you feel your absolute best. Join me on this journey to unveil your unique charm and embrace your inner confidence!




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